Free resources for people keen to engage in conversations about design or get a human-centred perspective on areas of social need and policy gaps.

The principles of data driven design

The barriers to data driven design and how you can overcome them

The future of death and ageing

Identifying the pain points and mapping a path to a better future for the ageing, dying and those close to them

The new infrastructure

How to create smarter and more sustainable infrastructure for generations to come

Cover of design for justice report

Design for justice

A free report and guide to transforming the justice sector

Redesigning work

What the future of work looks like and what we can all do to prepare

Rethinking not-for-profits

A free report and guide to innovation in not-for-profits and NGOs

Hacking the bureaucracy

A free guide to public sector innovation

Taking back retail

Helping retail brands transition into modern retailers

Design for Education (without screwing it up)

What to consider when designing for education

Cover of the youth justice report

Youth justice

What can we do to fix the youth justice system?

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