Reimagining services to deliver great experiences

As your organisation’s offerings and touch points grow, a service design perspective is a powerful way to make sure all interactions are thoughtful and cohesive, and designed to reduce barriers and pain points for people on all sides of the service.

We workshop, empathise and examine from all angles with everyone involved in the delivery and use of your service to understand and map it. And then we work alongside them to redesign the service around the moments that improve efficiency, experience and effectiveness.

Defining the problem and opportunity

Our team of strategic designers will work with you to clearly identify the most important and feasible issues to solve, with a focus on end users.

Prototyping to bring concepts to life

We'll work with your team and users to design the end service, building up the fidelity until we have a service that clearly meets the needs of the organisation and the users.

Generating ideas 
with your users

Our designers will test all prototypes with a wide range of stakeholders, including staff and end users. This may include interviews, workshops and surveys.

Designing solutions together

We’ll team up with your stakeholders and users to take concepts to the next level. Participants undertake rounds of prototyping, with feedback informing the designs.

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