A website to enable safer healthcare for 100,000 Victorians

We worked closely with Safer Care Victoria to create a website for the 100,000 lives initiative, to enable hospitals to effectively onboard and implement healthcare projects into their clinical care practice.

Safer Care Victoria is the Victorian Government healthcare safety and improvement specialist agency. They help the Victorian health service, prevent and learn from patient harm and identify and deliver service improvements.

The 5-year 100,000 Lives program was initiated by Safer Care Victoria to assist healthcare professionals, health services and their consumers to implement effective strategies into their health care practice. The  100,000 Lives program aims to benefit the lives of 100,000 Victorians by preventing harm in hospitals, avoiding hospital admissions and reducing unnecessary surgeries. Safer Care Victoria engaged us to apply the SCV brand to a new website, bringing this initiative to life.

Design challenge

Sharing clinical knowledge, upskilling staff, ensuring patient safety and admission prevention can be an overwhelming task for the busy healthcare sector. 

Our primary goal for this website was to clearly communicate a range of health projects and initiatives (supported by Safer Care Victoria) for participating organisations to get involved with, and support their chosen initiatives. 

In addition to this, it was essential that we focused on communicating the impact that each 100K lives project initiative, alongside the campaign, was having on Victorians. We designed clear and simple visual components to communicate the impact, to ensure that no participating website or individual went unnoticed. A key requirement of the design was to effectively communicate both patient and clinician stories, which were incorporated and featured extensively across the website. 


Defining a project roadmap

We facilitated workshops with Safer Care Victoria’s stakeholders, including health care providers, to gather priorities, define goals and identify key user flows for the new website. These workshops enabled us to develop a roadmap, mapping out which features we needed to prioritise, along with a plan for the website navigation, design and build.

Defining a new site structure

We worked to define a new sitemap for the 100,000 lives subsite and explore how to link the subsite to the main Safer Care Victoria site, taking into account the navigation pathways between the two sites. This sitemap was designed and validated by undertaking prioritisation and engagement activities with clinicians, Safe Care Victoria domain experts and reference group of those with the lived experience of navigating the health care system. 

We completed the new sitemap by co-defining a new categorisation taxonomy with Safer Care Victoria stakeholders to define how to best tag content across the site in a consistent way, supporting a strong search functionality.

Visual design

The website needed to be delivered within a short timeframe so the design team started running from kick off. Incorporating the branding concept from an external agency, Lucy, our key designer on the project, proposed three unique visual  concepts for SCV to review. The concept selected was chosen for its clean and structured layout, and trustworthy and conservative colour palette, which SCV felt most aligned with their strategy, consumers and culture. 

During this phase, we iterated with Safer Care Victoria on the wireframes and designs as the final website came to life.  It was during these iterations that Lucy and Jackie, suggested adding the ‘lives impacted counter’ to the site. A powerful visual highlighting the number of lives being impacted by the 100K Lives initiatives.


Alongside design, our development team, Dave and Deb, used a sprint based approach and began building components and features for the website utilising Drupal on GovCMS as soon as the wireframes were underway. The team worked quickly and pivoted daily to incorporate design tweaks and platform limitations and challenges. 


An engaging, content rich website, which acts as a source of knowledge and guidance for health care professionals, providers and health care consumers.

The website enables the project initiatives to be regularly updated with real time statistics, goals, case studies, resources and participating organisations.


Tess Waterhouse, Senior Producer, Portable

“The 100,000 Lives project was a fast paced, interesting and rewarding project for our client and team. Melanie, our key client contact, was not only a pleasure to work with but also highly diligent and efficient, resulting in a smooth project completion. We are so excited with what this project has to offer to the Victorian healthcare community.”

Project team

Naomi Wilson - Client Partner

Chris D’Aloisio - Head of Technology

Dave Allen - Senior Developer

Deb Cupitt - Developer

Jackie Garfield - Senior Experience Designer

Lucy Boehme - Experience Designer

Nick McLoughlan - Production Lead

Tess Waterhouse - Senior Producer

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