Data science

Data improves decision-making and the understanding of user behaviour.

Governments and organisations capture data on their users every second. Over time, this data acquires value, providing insights that have the potential to improve understanding about users and drive innovation. When this data is collected and analysed correctly, it can be used to improve customer experiences and efficiency and help identify opportunities for new products or services. We work with clients to identify the scope of projects, develop precise goals, appropriate timelines and build in regular feedback. We will ensure your data is relevant, timely, verifiable and can be used to inform future decisions. We actively work in frameworks for ethics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure all uses of data align with practices that protect users and organisations.

Our data science services

Data capture

We will assess the value of available data and, if necessary, recommend ways to gather additional data.

Data cleaning

Our data scientists will work with your existing data sets to ensure that they can be used effectively. This involves identifying, filtering and structuring meaningful data.

Data ethics

We can help ensure your data capture, analysis and reporting complies with ethical standards and does not breach privacy laws.

Data analysis

Using a combination of statistical analysis and modelling, we will work with your existing data to produce rich insights. We will also illustrate those insights in ways that can be shared across your organisation.

Predictive modelling

From existing data sets we can create data models and model future outcomes. These inform decision making, guide change management and can provide a driver for innovation.

Survey design and analysis

Our designers can research specific issues and user experiences via interviews, surveys, focus groups, workshops and feedback sessions. We can use this information to design solutions and identify new opportunities, to improve efficiency and inform change.

Artificial intelligence

Our data team can build algorithms, models and decision trees that can lead to the creation of new service offerings that drive change.

Capability building

Through training courses and workshops we can set up your organisation to capture and clean your data in a way that is sustainable and will continue to inform decision making and support ongoing change.

Presenting insights

We can provide an assessment of data gathering/analysis in your organisation including a priority list of areas for attention, recommendations and future considerations.


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