Make change in partnership with the people most affected.

Co-design is a fundamental pillar of how we do things at Portable. We believe that you need to design with the people who will be using and delivering a solution in order for it to have the best chance of solving a problem. 

We use co-design in nearly every project at Portable and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in both facilitating and teaching co-design. We can take a leading or supporting role in co-design with your organisation.  

We can organise and coordinate with communities and lived experience experts. We can facilitate in-person or remote co-design sessions. We can gather insights and recommendations based on co-design learnings. 

Learn about the problem you’re trying to solve

We’ll go far and wide to learn about the problem, your organisation and your users. We’ll share our learnings with you so that together we can build up a picture of how things currently are.

Design the right co-design approach

Based on what we’ve learned, we’ll discuss with you the types of community members, lived experience experts and subject specialists that should be involved in the co-design process. Then together we’ll design co-design activities and workshops that are accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Guide the co-design process

Depending on the approach we have come up with together, we can take a hands-on role in co-design, facilitating activities and directing the process. Or, we can provide behind-the-scenes support and guidance as you take the lead.

Make sure every participant is safe

We often work with mental health, justice and public sector organisations, sometimes dealing with complex and difficult topics. As part of our co-design approach we make sure everyone involved is fully informed about the process, feels safe and is offered support.

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