Position your brand with purpose at the centre.

An organisation’s brand strategy articulates who they are, why they exist and provides clarity on their purpose and function in the lives of their users. We work with organisations to co-design their brand strategy so that it is always relevant, engaging and harmonious with everything they offer. 

We will work with your organisation to articulate and create your brand strategy so that it fully represents both who you are now and who you strive to be in the future. By looking at your key characteristics and points of difference, speaking directly to your staff and users and examining your market position and competitors. 

Research your current position

We start off by assessing who your organisation is, both in the minds of your staff and your users. We research your history and the role you play in the marketplace, in the wider industry and with your competitors.

Articulate building blocks of your brand

We work with your team in workshops and collaboration sessions to define your organisation’s brand from the ground up – including its purpose, vision statement, personality and objectives.

Test your brand strategy

We often hold co-design workshops and one-on-one interviews with stakeholders and users to test your brand strategy and see if it matches their perceptions and expectations of your organisation.

Develop your identity

Our designers and content strategists can help to bring your brand strategy to life, they’ll work with you to develop a clear visual direction and engaging tone of voice. And provide all the assets and guidelines to help you to maintain your brand.

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