Are we moving in the right direction? Wayfinding in Australia

Evaluating the current state of public transport and how we can improve the wayfinding experience

Modern wayfinding has to support our increasingly complex everyday life.

In the last 50 years, there’s been a huge leap forward in the complexity of the space we occupy due to economic growth, migration to cities, and technological advancement. There is consequently the need for governments to effectively guide citizens through the built or natural environment. Wayfinding is commonly used in locations such as airports, train stations, hospitals, and shopping centres. Anywhere there is complexity of design, there is a need for effective wayfinding support. 

The Portable team are passionate about improving experiences for citizens navigating around Australia while supporting those in industry and governments who are looking to bring innovation to wayfinding through  physical signage, multi modal and digital solutions, and in the way in which citizens navigate precincts, infrastructure, and the surrounding environment. 

This report is a snapshot of the current state of wayfinding in public transport throughout Australia. It includes observations and insights gathered from our real world experience of navigating precincts using public transport networks.

We took a Human-Centred Design approach to evaluating our observations and the impact on citizens’ experience when seeking to use public transport in Australia.

Download our report on the current state of public transport and how we can improve the wayfinding experience

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