Regulatory Technology Roadmap

A report outlining a series of approaches to support innovation in Government

Technology can help businesses reduce the effort and cost associated with complying with awards, and this roadmap sets out opportunities for the government to enable and support the development and uptake of technology solutions.

Co-designed in partnership with the Attorney-General's Department, we followed a human-centred approach to create this roadmap through in-depth interviews with business owners and numerous workshops with government agencies, software companies, and other industry stakeholders. the Good design can transform justice.

This roadmap aims to:

  • Reduce the difficulties in selecting, understanding and applying awards
  • Increase collaboration and communication between the government and the regulatory technology sector
  • Encourage innovation and standardisation where the government and market can work together to improve awards compliance
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery for regulatory technology and awards compliance solutions

Download our report on the regulatory technology roadmap

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