Early Release - Scaling Impact

A manifesto on how to change the world around you, one project at a time.

An exclusive first look at the actionable insights for transforming intent into action from Portable Co-Founder, Simon Goodrich.

Here at Portable, we are driven by our mission to seek out areas of social need and policy failure and make transformational change through research, human-centred design and technology.

For close to two decades, Co-founders Simon Goodrich and Andrew Apostola have led this vision, empowering those around them to turn good intentions into impactful actions which have the potential to create long-lasting change across the areas of society which need it most.

After countless projects helping improve access to justice, mental health services, public sector innovation, and other critical ‘impact areas’, Simon decided it’s time to detail his learnings and outline actionable insights for scaling impact.

This manifesto aims to be more than just another publication — it's a playbook for those committed to bringing about real, lasting change.

In ‘Scaling Impact’, Simon dives into:

  • The nuances of catalysing social change without falling into the trap of mere buzzwords.
  • His own lived experiences that offer real-world examples and proven success stories.
  • Practical strategies for driving long-term success in your chosen 'impact area'.
  • Best practices for collaborating across sectors to maximise impact.

We know how important it is to collaborate with the people we seek to support when working on a project, which is why we’re inviting our readers to submit their feedback by following the link to our survey, which will be emailed to you shortly after downloading this early access publication.

Download your early access copy of Scaling Impact today:

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