AWS and the Future of Justice: Digital Pathways to Legal Access

Exploring how Portable are using AWS to power a better justice system in Australia

Legal design is about rethinking law as a service, not just an institution, which means bringing what we know about the potential for redesigning services and building user-centric technology solutions to improve people's lives by applying it to areas of across the legal journey.

Since 2012, Portable has diligently leveraged legal design, agile methodologies, and the versatile AWS infrastructure to pioneer digital innovation and enhance justice access. 

Our report, Design for Justice, highlights that the key to creating accessible, functional, and empowering citizen experiences is by designing solutions with those who are most impacted by the problems we seek to solve. 

We are a certified Advanced AWS Services Partner specialising in the Public Sector and we work extensively across AWS services, have launched over 18 platforms, applications and websites on AWS in the last three years, and our Technology team has collectively completed dozens of AWS certifications.

As a team of Strategists, Designers, Project Managers and Technologists, we work to conceptualise, ideate, iterate and launch custom-built digital products and applications that support greater access to justice for everyday Australians. Many of these solutions are powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

This paper showcases how we support greater access to justice through digital innovation and the AWS network.

Inside, you’ll hear from our Digital Products & Applications team about how they are using AWS services to power applications that support greater access to justice, including concepts such as:

  • What is access to justice?
  • Why is it important in the Australian context?
  • What role can technology and innovation play?
  • Examples of how Portable uses AWS to power access to justice.
  • Several use cases of digital products in the sector that are powered by AWS.

Download your copy of our white paper now:

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