Artificial Intelligence

An internal policy for organisations seeking to embrace AI.

Moving your entire organisation in a way that adopts artificial intelligence safely and holistically is hard. 

Even the most basic forms of technology adoption provide considerable challenges to even the more forward thinking organisations. If you’re a chief information office, technology leader, people and culture manager or CEO you’ve no doubt looked at the rise of artificial intelligence and wondered how best to guide your people at your organisation through the myriad of challenges expressed both privately and publicly. From questions on ethics to the legal issues surrounding authorship, the introduction of AI is clearly not  just a technical challenge but a complicated cultural one that organisations must navigate in their own context. 

This report is our own internal approach to introducing artificial intelligence in a considered and safe way. It is quite literally our AI policy, which outlines everything from the risks that AI poses and how we will mitigate them as an organisation to the guiding principles that each member of our team must apply in every day work settings. 

Whilst it’s not instructive, it provides a lens on how we are approaching AI culturally with the view to potentially guide your own thoughts and approach when introducing AI at your workplace.

Download our Artificial Intelligence policy and find out our approach to preparing for change:

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