AI and the Social Impact Sector

Insights from the 2024 Portable Annual AI Index

Unpacking and exploring the Portable 2024 Annual AI Index

We live in an ever-evolving landscape where artificial intelligence is revolutionising various industries. We recognise the imperative of embracing this technological advancement responsibly. Our report, titled "AI and the Social Impact Sector," serves as a conduit for understanding the intersection of AI and social good, drawing from insights gleaned from the 2024 Portable Annual AI Index.

Through a comprehensive survey involving 44 professionals from diverse backgrounds within the social impact space, we sought to explore the current state and trajectory of AI integration. These insights are the voices of professionals and practitioners who are at the forefront of integrating AI into their work to create meaningful change.

Looking ahead, we are committed to ongoing engagement with the sector to ensure a more inclusive and nuanced understanding of AI's impact. This report represents just the beginning of our journey towards leveraging AI for positive societal change.

Download our report to delve into everything we learnt from the 2024 Portable Annual AI Index

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