Neurodiversity in projects and at Portable

Join us as we discuss the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace and speak to the impact here at Portable, across our projects and beyond.

Online Event
28 July 2022
2:30 am - 4:00 am

Exploring neurodiversity in the workplace

About this webinar

Neurodiversity exists at Portable and within the broader community. We work with neurodivergent people everyday internally and on our projects to deliver the best outcomes. Being conscious of different people's needs and experiences are invaluable in not only the work that Portable does but how we interact with broader society. 

Join us as we talk about why neurodiversity matters and looks within Portable and our projects, as well as speaking to the challenges and supports that are needed to have more impactful and accessible solutions.


Adam Corcoran - Lead Design Strategist, Portable (Him / His) 

Caitlin Williams - Senior Digital Producer, Portable (She / Her)

Elly Loel, Junior Developer, Portable (She / Her)

What we'll cover

In this 90 minute long webinar we will cover what neurodiversity and neurodivergence is, and why it matters in the workplace, as well as how we can harness our knowledge of this on projects and when working with our colleagues. 

We’ll explore the following themes:

  • Why neurodiversity matters 
  • What we mean when we talk about neurodiversity and neurodivergence 
  • What neurodiversity actually looks like within the workplace and on projects 
  • The challenges that can come from being neurodivergent 
  • How to support neurodiversity in the workplace and on projects 

Who's it for?

The session is designed for the following audience: 

  • Consultants working with a diverse group of people 
  • Academics researching neurodiversity within the workplace and in general life
  • People engaging with a broad range of people from varied backgrounds who need better understanding of people who are neurodivergent 
  • Business employers and employees who want to learn more about how to support neurodivergent employees and staff in their workplaces

About our speakers

Adam Corcoran - Lead Design Strategist, Portable (He / Him)

Adam has more than 14 years of experience working in diverse design disciplines for public and private sector clients, as well as leading design and innovation projects for not-for-profit organisations. He is skilled in design research, co-design, user experience design, digital design and communication design.

Adam is a creative, lateral and empathetic thinker, and uses these strengths to help our clients design for (and with) people with lived experience in complex areas such as mental health, education and supporting vulnerable communities. Adam is also passionate about making space for important conversations around design ethics, accessibility and inclusion. 

Caitlin Williams - Senior Digital Producer, Portable (She / Her)

Caitlin is an accomplished Project Manager with experience in technical software projects across the public health and finance industries.

Caitlin works to ensure that our teams of developers, QA testers, and designers are supported during the discovery, development, testing, release and functional enhancement processes to achieve and exceed expectations in the delivery of secure, scalable and user-friendly products and platforms.

She has autism, and is working hard to harness her autistic traits for good. 

Elly Loel - Junior Developer, Portable (She / Her)

Elly is a Developer by title and a Designer by heart who loves to create beautiful websites and web apps that instil an enjoyable and accessible user experience. She’s got ADHD as well as undiagnosed autism.

Webinar details

Thursday 28 July, 12:30 - 2:00pm AEST

A link to join the webinar will be provided to registered participants via email prior to the event starting on Thursday 28th of July, 2022.

After the 75 minute presentation, attendees will be invited to stay for a Q&A session with the panellists for up to 15 mins, and a recording of the webinar will be distributed to all registered participants in the days after the event.

What if I can't make it?

You're in luck. This webinar will be recorded and published as a video on the Portable website at a later date.

If you cannot make this event but would like to know when the video recording goes live, you can register for the 'Send me the video' option in the registration section.

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