Gender in our cities: reshaping our world

An online exhibition building awareness of the issue of everyday gender inequality, and empowering people to reimagine our world.

Online exhibition
11 March 2020
10:00 pm - 6:00 am

At Portable we are prioritising the health and safety of our community and all those interested in this exhibition by pulling the plug on our public event. However, we will be re-envisioning 'Gender in our cities' as an online experience.

About the event

People understand the harsh reality that gender will be a strong determinant of the opportunities you are afforded, your life risks and social perception. What isn’t understood is how pervasive an issue gender equality is; everything in our world has been created by people and those people hold attitudes about gender. Because of societal changes there is a need for us to re-shape our world.

This exhibit was originally intended to use design thinking to build the collective awareness of everyday gender inequality and start people on their journey of reimagining the world through conversation. Although this exhibition will now be an online experience, we stand by our belief in the power of each individual's unique voice to prompt new conversations and make a change in our cities.

We hope that through engaging with our material online you will feel empowered to make a difference through conversation, and are still aiming to facilitate the sharing of individual experiences that will serve to inform us all and help us move towards a gender equal world.

This exhibit will be an online experience that you will be able to access through this page.

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Our Objective

The objective of this event is to bring awareness to the often invisible gender issues in our lives and empower everyone to have a role in designing the evolution of our world to one which accounts for gender equality. We aim to use this online experience to facilitate people’s reimagining of the factors in their lives that are currently influenced by gender, and enable change through revealing the small deliberate behaviours and moments where these factors can be transformed.

Our Cohost

Although this event will no longer be hosted at Our Community House, we would like to thank them for supporting this event and for their understanding of the need to shift to an online experience.

Our Community House is where data science and creativity come together to catalyse positive social change. It’s a co-working space in North Melbourne for government, business and the community sector to collaborate to create a better world, where human and economic capital blend with technology, intellect and passion.

Part of Melbourne Design Week 2020, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.

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