Redesigning education

The future of education is through collaboration and a human-centred approach to service design.

Since 2006, we have been working closely with education providers to reimagine how services can be delivered and the student experience can be enriched through co-design and ethical technology.

Speak with us today to discuss how we can take a student-centred design lens to education and help you to build capability in our education system.

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We tailor our technology to set you up for success.

Our award-winning team of technologists are experts in designing, building, and maintaining purpose-built technology stacks which leverage the latest platforms, frameworks, and programming languages.

Some of the ways we can work with you

Collaborating with the staff at IEA

  • User research

    Understand the preferences and behaviours of your users through a mixed-methods approach to design research that includes qualitat...

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  • Reimagining services to deliver great experiences

    As your organisation’s offerings and touch points grow, a service design perspective is a powerful way to make sure all interactio...

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  • Change management

    Leverage our tools and expert faciliation to make a case for, communicate and implement change in your organisation.

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