Portable announces a new partnership with WhyHive

Today we are pleased to announce Portable has entered into a formal partnership with Melbourne based data social enterprise WhyHive. Led by founder and CEO Tess Guthrie, WhyHive is one of the most exciting data companies to emerge in Australia in recent years.

Since being founded two years ago, WhyHive has been merging expertise in data analysis and technical delivery with the type of purpose and mission-aligned work that we at Portable are driven by, including a strong focus on social justice and marginalised communities.

Tess Guthrie, the company’s CEO founded the company with the view to create a place where impact-driven analysts and strategists can use their skills in data science and startup thinking to create change as well as help companies to innovate and get more value from their data.

“I’m really pleased to be able to work with such a mission-driven and ethically aligned organisation like Portable”, says Guthrie.

“I admire the way they position themselves as thought leaders in the field and offer so much value to the community through events and public research. So I’m very much looking forward to our teams working together”. 

WhyHive’s work will mean that we will be deepening our capability in data science and analytics, machine learning, forecasting and data visualisation. As a partner of Portable, we’ll be now working closely together to not only tackle data shaped problems for our clients, but to also delve into problem areas that we believe warrant urgent attention including mental health, justice, death, aged care and family violence.

Portable’s CEO, Andrew Apostola says that the new partnership is a clear step towards bringing a data mindset into strategic design practice.

“Ever since we launched our approach to data driven design in 2019 we’ve been acutely sensitive to the need for our partners to not only interrogate the people-centred aspects of their organisations, but the stories that reside within the volumes of untapped data,” says Mr Apostola. 

“By bringing WhyHive into the problem space, we’re rapidly moving towards a place where we can merge those insights and more importantly tell more accurate stories about people, users and services.” 

Portable has been working to bring data design and science into its capability and service offering over the past two years. Most notably, in 2020 Portable launched amica.gov.au a platform that makes use of various forms of data to guide couples toward amicable resolution of their separation agreements without the need of a costly family lawyer. This feeds into Portable’s own mission to use design and technology to open up access to justice for everyday Australians.

For more information please contact Hayley Hewitt at info@portable.com.au

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