Digging deeper into our education report

We want you to join us on 8 November for a webinar that will be taking a close look at our new report, Design for Education (without screwing it up). You'll get to hear directly from those who were involved with the report about what we found along the way and why the 6 principles we identify in the report are so important.

It's been a week since the launch of our Education report, and although Design for education (without screwing it up) is now live, this is not the end of the line. We want to go a step further and help you to engage with this report and get a better understanding of the complex interactions between design and education. Which is why, on 7 November at 5:30pm we will be running an online webinar that will take you inside the report itself and closely examine our findings.

This is a unique chance to dive into our Education report with those who conducted the research and wrote the report. You will get the chance to find out what it took to put this together and what we had to take into consideration along the way. However, the central part of this webinar will involve us looking closely at the 6 principles we identified to help guide a conscious and human-centred approach to designing for education.

We're interested in growing, not disrupting

We recognise there is a lot that's right about education today, so we're interested in building upon the strengths of the current system. let's embrace teacher passion and student voice.

We give life to great unborn ideas of educators

As designers we have license to imagine new and desirable futures, and to rapidly test prototypes without risk.

We believe a school is not an island

A school is an integral part of society. We're interested in exploring the porosity between education and community.

We design with students, not for students

Students are experts of their own education experience. We're interested in understanding, exploring and creating together, to build new experiences for learning.

We believe that content should enable learning, not be the focus of learning

We need to use technology in appropriate ways that accelerate a child's growth and understanding of themselves.

We need to protect the creativity of teachers and students

We should respect teachers' innate creativity and recognise the importance of fostering and preserving an environment where there's a willingness and a freedom for teachers to take risks.

Want your questions answered?

We would love to have a Q&A at the end of the webinar and for that we need your input into what questions you want answered! If you already have burning questions about the report, please send them through to events@portable.com.au before the event. If you happen to be the kind of person who knows they will think of their questions during the webinar itself, don't worry. You will be able to submit questions through the webinar platform during the event that will be considered in the Q&A.

Everyone is invited to join us for this webinar; whether you are a designer, and educator, a student, or a person who wants to know more, we encourage you to sign up for the webinar on our events page. Remember, this event is being held online — on the day of the event you will be sent a link that you can use at 5:30pm to join us online and hear all about our Education report, why we dedicated 2 years to putting it together and what we found out.

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