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Maddison Selleck, Senior Marketing Manager

Getting to know Maddison

Maddison is a marketing manager with nearly a decade of experience managing the end-to-end execution of strategic campaigns which drive engagement with end users and build meaningful connections between organisations and the people they serve. He works collaboratively with key stakeholders across the Portable team to improve awareness of Portable's purpose and the work we're doing with our clients to help create truly transformational change in the areas of society which need it most.

Tell us about a recent memorable project:

While I typically work on internal projects here at Portable, I did work on a 'project' of sorts recently which is memorable due to the challenging nature of the work involved and the range of clients I had the opportunity to help.

To keep it short, Google was getting ready to discontinue their widely-used 'Universal Analytics' product as it was being replaced by their newly-launched 'GA4' platform. Unfortunately, many organisations who work with Portable hadn't really prepared for the transition and were quickly running out of time. This presented us with an opportunity to help get them over the line by building out a migration strategy which would effectively transform countless data points to fit the updated format required for the new platform while ensuring that there was no loss of data during the transition.

Knowing I was able to make a direct impact on organisations who are doing amazing work was pretty great!

What do you like to do in your downtime?

I've never really been into sports, despite my siblings being fairly high-performing athletes.

After spending months inside during the pandemic I decided to give golfing a go at the course ~5 minutes from my house.

I've played a round every weekend since and typically play two or three rounds each week during Summer... so you could say I'm pretty hooked on the sport nowadays!

Tell us two truths and a lie!

1. My wife and I started dating when I was just 12 years old.

2. Tom Selleck is my uncle through a marriage in the family.

3. I've lost 35 kilograms since starting golf.

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