Senior Digital Producer

Our team is growing and are looking for passionate and motivated people to join our awesome team!  We encourage anyone located in Australia to invest some of their time to explore our new opportunities, your location is not an issue to us.

Here at Portable...

We are a design and technology company that cares about people and the world. We seek out areas of social need and policy failure and make transformational change using design and technology. Our clients and partners are as passionate as we are and are working in government agencies and nonprofit organisations. Our job is to help them define, design and deliver new products, services and ways of working.

There are currently 65+ of us working as researchers, strategists, designers, developers, producers and visionaries towards our mission from our office in Collingwood, Victoria and working remotely from home.

We’re looking for an experienced Senior Digital Producer to run the delivery of design, research and technical projects for a range of clients, as well as contribute to the ongoing enhancement of our production discipline.

Then there's you...

You’re an organisational superstar who runs a tight ship and thrives on efficiency. You can make a plan and stick to it, but you also know when a plan needs to change and you have techniques for managing and guiding teams through complex and ambiguous projects. You are a keen collaborator but take ownership of your outcomes, and do what it takes to meet the highest quality standards – both the client’s and your own. With one eye on quality and timelines, the other is on the bottom line and you’re able to deliver on budget every time.

You’re a people person too. You like to bring everyone along and include them in the plan. You’re adept at understanding what other people need, and you’re motivated to help find solutions that meet everyone’s needs.  And you’re pragmatic enough to know that nobody gets everything they want all the time — you’re able to compromise and find the best solution (even when it’s not perfect).

You could be one if...

You’ve worked in a similar role, in a similar sized agency (we are 65+ staff). You understand the language and culture of design and technical delivery and the processes and tools involved. You have deep experience running small to large projects ($400k) and are adept at managing and growing client and stakeholder relationships.

If you were here this week, you would have:

  • Attended a handover of a new project from Business Development, and led the initial project planning discussion with the team to develop a rough timeline and validate the budget
  • Set up an internal meeting to problem solve a risk on your project and involve stakeholders in the decision
  • Ran a client WIP to show the team’s progress and report on the latest findings from user research
  • Developed an in-depth Statement of Work for a new website development project
  • Identified that your project budget was at risk and led your project leads in a session to explore evolving your project approach to get the budget back on track
  • Shifted the timeline based on a new request and worked with your client to define and set expectations on priority and deadlines
  • Worked with our Business Development team to draft a proposal for a new project with a new client
  • Attended the weekly resourcing meeting contributing to ensuring your projects have the people they need to succeed
  • Learned about a new tool we are implementing at our weekly production team meeting

Key outcomes

In this role, you’ll work to deliver upon the following key outcomes:

  • You independently and consistently deliver on-budget, timely and high-quality work
  • Risks and issues are identified in a timely manner and brought to relevant parties, and the problems are solved in collaboration with the team
  • Strong client relationships are built and maintained to ensure full confidence in Portable's approach (in discipline/craft)
  • Contribution to execution of discipline strategy
  • Mids and juniors in the discipline are supported in managing and delivering their work
  • New colleagues in the discipline are onboarded and inducted successfully
  • Knowledge has been shared and applied in order to improve the discipline, and to help colleagues learn and develop (especially mids and juniors)
  • You make significant contribution to tenders, marketing material and business operations (e.g. recruitment)

Qualities of an ideal candidate:

  • 3-5 years experience in a similar role
  • An in-depth knowledge of digital and agency project production, including a broad knowledge of agile and waterfall methodologies
  • Experience working in a similar ‘agency side’ environment with a range of client types and project sizes
  • A vision of the world that aligns with our own, with experience and evidence of this in action
  • Experience with/knowledge of product management/digital product delivery (ideal)


The salary range for this role is between $100,000 - $115,000 per annum plus super, depending on your level of experience. We are committed to building a diverse and equal team and people from traditionally underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

How to apply:

To be considered, please send us your resume and a cover letter answering the following questions:

  1. Tell us about 3 different rituals, processes or meetings that you’ve used in the past to help your project teams to deliver.
  2. Tell us about a difficult client or stakeholder problem you’ve solved. What happened, and what did you do about it? What made it so hard?
  3. What is one of the larger projects you've managed - how big was the budget and team, what were some risks and issues you managed along the way and what did you learn from the process?


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