Encouraging Innovators in Government

We believe in Government. We believe in it as a force for good. We believe in its capacity to make broad reaching and impactful change possible for millions of people, if put to use correctly. As such, Government is both a partner and a central focus of our work.

It is easy and common to talk in the justice space about solving problems with more money…more courts, more large-scale digital solutions. But money is not the issue here. The real issue is focusing on building a service for those who need it. Helping people avoid going to court when they shouldn’t is a societal good. It avoids unnecessary costs.


Access to justice is about making the legal system as simple and easy to navigate as possible. Whether they are a layperson or a regular court attendee, the court system needs to find a way to justly provide for each person’s level of understanding, level of access to information and the physical location and their ability to engage with the legal process.


Many citizens find themselves facing the legal system at a time of need. Most of those times, they do not have the patience or even the time to learn the ropes of the system they are being forced to navigate. Court administration has an unwieldy enormous amount of unnecessary paperwork in small cases.


Being unable to access to justice might be due to number of reasons; poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, even living in remote communities. By seeking efficiency, accessibility and equity, we aim to protect those disadvantaged, to promote social inclusion and to provide people with the skills and material to  help themselves.

We are interested in people who share our values.

We believe a better system can be envisioned.


We believe that justice needs user-centred systems in order to deliver equitable solutions


We believe legal information and digital alternatives should be made available where possible


We want the legal system to work in an agile way, flexible enough to respond in a timely fashion to emerging issues


We believe access to justice should not rely on behemoth case management systems


We believe the court system should move towards self-representation options


We want to provide users with better access to information about their rights to enable them to make better, more informed decisions

Not only do we transform companies, we involve ourselves in the industry to gain insight into what change needs to happen.

The Hacking The Bureaucracy report, published in 2016, explores the drivers of government innovation within Australia. The report includes a resource for individuals working in the public service to make impact and drive innovation.

We align and partner with organisations that share our commitment to innovation.

Our Co-Founder Simon Goodrich is a Fellow at the Sir Zelman Cowan Centre at Victoria University, supporting innovation in the justice space.

We work to transform the justice system for good, by incorporating service design strategies to make change last. We partnered with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre and raised funds from the Victorian Public Sector Innovation fund to transform the court management system.

We want our justice systems to be reflective of the systems that people need and want: to be transparent, user-focused and simple.

We have worked with organisations who wanted to implement justice and accessibility.

As one of the biggest provider of legal services, Victoria Legal Aid’s work is extensive. They were looking for new ways to innovate in the legal space. Portable was brought on to expose them to Design Thinking in a tangible way and improve the Family Law Duty Lawyer service.

We worked with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre to simplify the way in which the process of handling requests from potential victims of violence. The Family Violence Intervention Order is changing the way in which people seek help and is being rolled out to courts across Victoria.

Collaboration is important when innovating. Our team worked with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre, Court Services Victoria and the Victorian State Government to pave the way for a re-design and technical implementation of a new product, YourCase, a court management app.

Make change within your organisation

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