The Portable Process

We’ve been designing products and services for over a decade. During that time we have witnessed the world of design grow and redefine itself through the introduction of digital design as a new field. We’re aware of the trends and Design Thinking Principles that affect the design of systems and services.

Customer Experience

Portable know the success of a product doesn’t just depend on brand identify and strategy. Customers, whether the brick-and-mortar type or the savvy digital shopper, respond to beautiful design and products that solve their problems.  We understand the customer and work to meet their core needs. We design to engage customers and enhancing their experience is just one part of it.

Building the Modern Online Retailer

Navigating pregnancy and careers

Modernising Poetry

Design Research

Design is informed by a series of methods and tools, research being key. Design research is a crucial part of  human centered design, allowing us to understand and empathise with people in the context of their lives, needs and wants. Ethnographic research, surveys, live prototyping and use testing all inform our process and are vital for forming our products and insights.

User Interface & Experience

User interface and user experience usually go hand in hand– at least, at Portable, they do. We work in teams, developers and designers, and our Creative Technologists are developers that understand the need for duality. Designers and developers work together and are interdisciplinary when it comes to building great products.

Service Design

Service design is about collaboration, with users being the focal point. Our job is to understand the way the journey can be redesigned. We engage with people in a way that recognises the strengths of human-centered design and focus on improving operations and systems to help people get what they need.